Citymood 12 

Larger version of the CITYMOOD model with a length of 12 meters.

The Citymood line buses impress with high-quality workmanship and care for the environment.

Thanks to innovative solutions including the engine compartment, the front and rear suspension, steering systems and automatic gearbox components, Citymood vehicles are easy and cheap to operate. In addition, the innovatively designed dashboard with a multifunctional color display allows you to check the range, driving time, ambient temperature and current and average fuel consumption.

Citymood buses are also equipped with the HI-eSCR catalytic reduction system, thanks to which they meet the stringent EURO 6 emission standards.

Within the Citymood line, there are three variants of length:
10.6 m, 12 m and 18 m.

Number of seats: 109 seats


  • Wheelbase: 5,900  mm
  • Body: LxWxH*: 12,100×2,550×3,213 mm
  • Width Front / Width Transitions in corridor 940/650
  • Min. Floor height: 150
  • Front overhang / rear overhang: 2,800/3,400
  • Minimum turning radius: 20,976
  • Threshold height: 320/325/320

Weights and loads: 12,000 kg

Body/exterior: Skeleton: high quality electrowelded profiles made of carbon steel (F3551J0) with shell structure. Thermal and acoustic insulation of the vehicle cabin: polyurethane foam. 3 x pneumatic double doors, openable electrically inwards

Ventilation/Thermal comfort: Independent, convector heaters; Space conditioning passenger powered with mechanical drive
Electrical equipment: 3 x pneumatic double doors, electrically opening inwards, with anti-click system and resistance strip; mirrors: electrically adjustable, heated

Engine: 228 kW / 2200 RPM 310 hp 228 kW / 2200 RPM 310 hp; diesel, four-stroke, direct Bosch CommonRail fuel injection with EDC17 electronic control

Gearbox: ZF 6 HP ECOLIFE; 6 + 1

Front Axle/Steering: Front axle with independent ZF RL75EC wheel control; rear axle: portal type ZF AV 132

Suspension: Air, integrated with springs; front: 2 air springs, 2 hydraulic shock absorbers; rear: 4 air springs, 4 hydraulic shock absorbers, rear stabilizer; the suspension system supports ECAS electronically controlled air suspension system; lateral kneeling system (70mm); system of automatic lifting and lowering of the body

Brake system: Service brakes: disc brakes, pneumatically adjustable on two axes, with independent system and ABS/ASR/EBS systems (Electronic Brake System)

Fuel tank: Capacity: Capacity: 310 l

Tyres: 275/70, R22.5

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