Karsan Atak

City bus

Karsan Atak is a city bus designed to comfort both passengers and the driver. Its spacious interior will provide travelers with comfort while driving, while the panoramic windshield and optionally available separate cabin will guarantee the driver the conditions needed for safe driving. Facilities such as the "kneeling" function or the electronic system of level control are accompanied by solutions needed to disabled people, such as a slide ramp or special edge markings.

Karsan Atak is a bus that is not only convenient, but also economical and ecological. The engine meeting the stringent EURO6 emission standards is characterized by low fuel consumption and low air pollutant emissions.
Number of seats: 59 seats


  • Length: 8,154 mm
  • Width: 2,436 mm
  • Height: 3,007 mm
  • Wheelbase: 4,580 mm
  • Width Front/Width passage in corridor: 940/650
  • Front overhang / Rear overhang: 1,995/1,615 mm
  • Minimum turning radius: 7,000 mm
  • Weights and loads: Gross vehicle weight rating: 12,000 kg

Body / external equipment:

  • Body: DxSxW*: 8,154 x 2,436 x 2,998 (without air conditioning) / 3,007 mm (with air conditioning);
  • Wheelbase: 4,580 mm; Width Front / Width Passage in corridor 940/650;
  • Front overhang/Rear overhang: 1,995/1,615 mm;
  • Minimum turning radius: 7,000 mm; Self-supporting, made of structural steel, low-floor bus

Engine: FPT F NEF4 with turbocharging and intercooler, diesel, 4 cylinders

Gearbox: Manual: ZF 6S 1010BO

Suspension: Front axle / Rear axle: air independent; The suspension system supports the ECAS electronically controlled air suspension system;The system of automatic lifting and lowering of the body

Brake system: Front / Rear: pneumatic two-circuit; ABS/ESR/EBS

Fuel tank: 140 l

Tyres: 215/75, R17,5

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